If you would like to include a registration with your event you have the following options available to you:

  • Web Express forms: Groups that have a site using Web Express can create a form to collect registration information.
  • Cvent: Departments with existing eComm accounts can use cvent which can be connected to your salesforce account. This is only for users who have an existing eComm account.
  • EventBrite: If you have an existing EventBrite account you can also use this.

If you are having an event that requires payment with reservation you must first reach out to the internal communications team within Strategic Relations and Communications. There are options for departments to accept payments for events but this needs to be vetted first by the CU Treasurer Office. The eComm team can help you navigate through this process and connect you with the appropriate offices.

It is important to plan ahead if you need payment options. This is not something that can be turned around quickly if you do not have an approved or established process already.

CU Boulder eComm Specialists

Jessica Raab
Associate Director of Engagement Management, Strategic Relations and Communications 

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