Who should you grant Event Admin permission to? 

Consider managing your group calendar landing page with a limited number of Event Admins and as many Users as necessary.

Event Admin permissions

Users with Event Admin permissions may add events to your group calendar landing page and the event will be live as soon as they save the event. This user also has access to the additional details fields on the event detail page. We suggest faculty and staff members of your group be given Event Admin permissions. Always require Event Admins to review the Add Events (for Event Admins) tutorial before they add events for your groups so the events are created accessibly and following university events calendar best practices.

Event Admin:  Anyone you trust to publish and moderate events.

  • Publish events without review
  • Edit Events
  • Approve/Reject event submissions
  • Access Admin View
  • Tags and Keywords on Events

User Permissions

All calendar users may use the Event Submission form on the calendar home page to add events to the University Events calendar. These events will go into a pending queue and will require approval before they are live on the events calendar. This user does not have access to the additional details fields on the event detail page. So if your events require tags, an event admin or Group Officer will need to add this information before they approve the event.

User:  Everyone on your platform including all Admins

  • Submit events via the Public Submission Form
  • Mark themselves as “I’m Interested”
  • Leave comments, reviews, or photos on events and place/group/dept. landing pages
  • Invite friends
  • Interact with other users on the calendar

Request Event Admin Permission Form

Group Event Admin Permissions Form