Assistant Teaching Professor Jared Bahir Browsh
Assistant Teaching Professor
Critical Sports Studies

Pronouns: they / him



Ph.D., Communication, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
M.A., Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media, Temple University, 2017
B.A., Communication, University of Pennsylvania, minors in Classical Studies & Sociology, 2007

Research Interests

Mass Communication, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Critical Sports Studies, Policy, Economics, History

Dr. Browsh specializes in issues connected to political economics of the media, particularly as it pertains to the media system in the United States throughout history. He also examines issues of representation connected to ownership and policy in popular culture, particularly in sports, television and animated content. His current focus is representations of race, gender, sexuality, and disability on television and in sports coverage.

Selected Interviews

Browsh, Jared Bahir. Race and Ethnicity in Hanna BarberaThe Root and Roots Show Podcast, June 17, 2022

Selected Publications


Browsh, Jared Bahir. Hanna-Barbera: A History, (McFarland Press: 2021).

Articles/Book Chapters

Browsh, Jared Bahir. “Capitalization in a Half-Shell: Multimedia, Cross-Demographic Marketing of Animated and Comic Content” in Animated Mischief: 30 years of Cartoon Subversion edited by Brian Duchaney and David Silverman, (McFarland Press: 2022).

Browsh, Jared Bahir. “Taking Our Ball and Staying Home: Nationalistic Exceptionalism in US Sports Broadcasting” in Athlete as a National Symbol: Politics, Protest, and Sport, edited by Nicholas Villanueva, (McFarland Press, 2020).

Browsh, Jared Bahir. “Number One in the Hood, G’: How Hip Hop Helped Adult Swim Get to the Top,” Southwestern Educational Council for Journalism and Mass Communication, Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, Spring 2019.