Julia Rodriguez speaking to guests at the CU Climate Expo

ENVD students exhibit work at CU Climate Expo

April 25, 2023

Last week, CU Boulder hosted the 2023 Climate Action Expo, where students from various schools and colleges showcased climate solution projects.

ENVD laser cut acrylic buffalo award

ENVD Scholarship Committee Announces 2023-2024 Research Award Recipients

Feb. 13, 2023

The Environmental Design Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the 2023-2024 winners of the ENVD Research Award. The ENVD Research Award financially assists with senior-level ENVD honors and capstone projects. Congratulations to ENVD students Ellie Muncy and Ainsley McElwee!

ENVD 4361 Dissent by Design mini-exhibit "Situating Dissent"

ENVD 4361 Dissent by Design mini-exhibit "Situating Dissent"

Sept. 12, 2019

The ENVD 4361 Dissent by Design mini-exhibit "Situating Dissent" will be housed in the environmental design gallery, located in the front entrance of the building, from September 12 to September 19.

Environmental Design Honors Symposium 2019

Environmental Design Honors Symposium 2019

March 1, 2019

Next Friday, March 8, 2019, Environmental Design will host its annual Honors Symposium. This event gives ENVD honors students the opportunity to present their honors projects to an audience, and open the floor for questions and discussions. This year, ten students will be presenting honors projects. See them present on...

AIA CRIT Scholar

ENVD senior selected for 2019 AIAS CRIT Scholars Program

Jan. 9, 2019

Kate Sector, a senior in architecture and co-president of AIAS at CU Boulder, was selected to participate in this year’s CRIT Scholar research program.

Assistant Professor, Alicia Gonzales and Kristina Lu view a map of Santiago

Social Justice and Activism in Design

March 24, 2017

In January, Assistant Professor Shawhin Roudbari traveled to Santiago, Chile with ENVD undergraduate research assistants Alicia Gonzales and Kristina Lu. The trio conducted fieldwork on social justice and activism in design through visual experience and interviews with various architects, planners and professors. A month before the trip, the team identified...