Stacey Schulte, 2024.
Director • Teaching Professor
Program Leadership • Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

Office: ENVD 156

Community Engagement | Land Conservation & Open Space | Urban Design | Food Systems | Public Lands

Stacey Schulte’s teaching, research and practice focus on designing and planning for urban areas and landscapes that support community and ecological well-being. Her specific areas of work include public land planning and open space preservation. Her most recent peer-reviewed publication is, “Local Governments and Risk Reductions: Choice of Wildfire Mitigation Strategies by Counties in the Western United States.” 

Recent projects include “Visitation and Use on Boulder County Regional Trail” for Boulder County Departments of Transportation and Parks & Open Space and a master plan for the Town of Haxtun, Co. She is currently a co-PI on the research project “Loving it to Death: Measuring and Managing for the Human Carrying Capacity of Open Space lands” funded by the University of Colorado, and the City and County of Boulder.