Smart Shop CNC machine
Drill rack
Laser cutter

Facilities for the program are provided in the Environmental Design Building and at the Center for Innovation and Creativity (CINC) facility.

Environmental Design Building
Administrative and faculty offices, conference rooms, lecture rooms and exhibit spaces are located on the first floor of the ENVD building.

The Digital Media Center, an academic support center that provides software, photo, printing and porfolio help, which supplement ENVD classes, is located in room 305 and 306.

Studio space located on the third and garden level floors of the ENVD building is provided for all students during the academic semesters. Students in the lower-division studios and recitations typically use shared desks in the garden level floor studio, while upper-division studios are given access to individual desks and partitioned studio spaces on the third floor of the ENVD building.

Beginning and advanced computer facilities, including scanning, plotting and campus printing are available to students in the building.

Creative Labs Center
The program also offers its students access to specialized workshop, computer and studio facilities that focus on advanced technologies for design visualization, production and simulation. These are at the CINC facility on the University of Colorado Boulder East Campus.