EPOP Shop 2023

EPOP Shop: Student designed, sustainably built

Nov. 21, 2023

Earlier this month, students from the third-year intermediate environmental product design studio set up the EPOP shop at the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market in Downtown Boulder.

Stressed graphic


Nov. 20, 2023

We experience misalignment when our expectations do not match real-time conditions. The biproducts of misalignment—frustration, disappointment, self-doubt, dissatisfaction—cause productivity lapses, interpersonal friction, and burnout. And yet, we are often unaware when we are misaligned. Choosing awareness creates opportunities to design strategies that support better outcomes and greater overall satisfaction. So how do we get there?

Faculty DBG visit

Faculty visit with Denver Botanic Gardens

Nov. 20, 2023

ENVD faculty visited the Denver Botanic Gardens with the goal to reinvigorate the CU-DBG connection and to introduce new faculty and leadership.

Energy graphic


Nov. 3, 2023

Energy defines our experience as living creatures down to a quantum level and yet we often engage with it passively or even reactively. As a result, we expend considerable amounts of energy in ways we don’t realize or even mean to. This leads to a spectrum of time-absorbing consequences that might be mitigated by a more engaged and aware relationship with energy.

Sept. 29, 2023 alumni lunch

ENVD hosts lunch with class of 1978 alumni

Nov. 2, 2023

Kitty deKieffer, the wife of alumnus Robert C. deKieffer, assisted Environmental Design in organizing an endowment lunch event with alumni from deKieffer’s 1978 graduating class.

Masani with Ferguson and Pyatt

ENVD student contributes to Taos Pueblo community development project

Oct. 30, 2023

Under Ferguson Pyatt’s mentorship, fourth year architecture student Masani Salazar designed and constructed a three-bedroom floorplan prototype model at an 8-inch scale, mirroring the Taos Pueblo’s traditional style of architecture. She hopes that by designing housing that is familiar and comfortable, built out of adobe or similar material and following traditional architectural styles, more people will choose to stay in the community.

"Beginning" graphic


Oct. 23, 2023

Beginning is a favorite topic of philosophers and industrialists and a dreaded experience for the neurodiverse rank-and-file. As we embark upon the second half of the term, I encourage you to embrace this circular narrative with a growth-mindset.

Shawhin and Jota outside of CEDaR

CEDaR, Redesigned

Oct. 9, 2023

With its bright yellow walls and large black lettering, the Community Engagement, Design and Research Center (CEDaR) in the Environmental Design building is hard to miss. But with a single door and no indoor windows to reveal the room’s inner workings, the mystery surrounding what goes on behind those walls is palpable.

First Year Experience students gather under a tree

ENVD First Year Experience Program

Oct. 9, 2023

The Environmental Design First Year Experience (FYE) program is in full swing this year with record attendance for events hosted so far!

Students gathered in a dark classroom hold lit up paper cubes

ENVD theory explores critical thinking between conflict, harmonies

Oct. 9, 2023

Students in the Intro to ENVD Theory course created a flash installation, exploring conflicts and harmonies at environmental edges and fostering critical thinking about diverse environments through compositions projected onto paper cubes.