Gregory Crichlow
Teaching Professor
Architecture • Product Design • Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

Office: ENVD 152

Community Engagement | Transportation | Fabrication | Urban Transformation | Architecture

Gregory Crichlow received his B.EnvD from the University of Colorado Boulder and his M.Arch from the University of Illinois Chicago and is a registered architect with experience in various typologies. Gregory is the founder of Chocolate Spokes Bike Studios, which designs and fabricates human-powered vehicles for everyday use. As an entrepreneur, he has forged a strong connection to his community that allows experiential investigation within the space of equity.

Gregory’s research and experience as an entrepreneur have manipulated the lens through which he views the built environment and how we move within it. For the last ten years, I have been working at the level of micro-mobility, specifically human-powered vehicles and community, establishing a neighborhood bike shop/community space. The human-powered vehicle is a small but integral detail in discussing infrastructure, energy consumption, and quality of life. The human-powered vehicle scale creates space for communities to come together through familiar but equitable environments.