Published: May 14, 2024

This spring, the Introduction to Landscape Architecture Studio hosted a design competition. The competition was reviewed by Shihomi Kuriyagawa and Emily Urquhart at the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department. Students who made the list were encouraged to acknowledge the recognition in their portfolio, resume and LinkedIn profiles.  

Spring 2024 ENVD 1030 design competition winners:  

Overall Design Excellence: Anthony Haberkorn (s15) ​

  • Runner Up: Cameron Cheney (s11) 

Innovation: Cameron Cheney (s11) 

  • Runners Up: Emma Browning (s15) and Clara Denham (s14) 

Ecology: Maddie Veasey (s14) 

  • Runner Up: Ella Seevers (s11) 

Art: Clara Denham (s14) 

  • Runner Up: Emma Browning (s15) 

Honoring Culture: Leighton Larson (s17) 

Community Commitment: John Davis (s19) 

Youth in Nature: Ella Seevers (s11) 

  • Runner Up: Caroline Gilchrist (s12) 

Land Art: Arina Volkova (s13) 

Sustainability: Caroline Gilchrist (s12) 

Projects that are in the running for pop-up installations in summer 2024: 

Clara Denham (s14), Leighton Larson (s17), John Davis (s19), Emma Browning (s15), Ella Seevers (s11), Caroline Gilchrist (s12)