Published: May 8, 2024

Each spring, a group of environmental design honors students defend their theses to their dedicated thesis committee. Afterward, the Honors Council meets and awards Latin honors at the levels of cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude. 

Projects worthy of the honors designation will be works of creative expression, including design, research, and theoretical work that demonstrates a high level of intellectual and creative ability and analytical skills. Completing an honors project allows students to investigate topics of interest, provides the opportunity to work closely with a faculty thesis chair and creates a culminating intellectual experience that produces both a meaningful project and an invaluable learning experience. The Honors project represents the climax of their college careers.

Congratulations to the following students graduating with Latin honors!


Abel Chamberlin, magna cum laude

Balancing Global Building Standards and Contextual Design: A Critical Regionalist Analysis of the WELL V2 Building Standards Impact on Design and Wellbeing

Sean Donovan, summa cum laude

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Grassland Restoration: Exploring best practices and interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of grassland restoration

Lakin Fain, summa cum laude

Reinforcing Appalachia

Nicole Tschan, summa cum laude

Briki: Re-Brick Your Dorm

Annie Geoghegan, summa cum laude

The Green Paradox: Gentrification & Greenness in the Mile High City