Published: April 25, 2023

Students viewing work on display at the CU Climate ExpoLast week, CU Boulder hosted the 2023 Climate Action Expo, where students from various schools and colleges showcased climate solution projects. Environmental Design senior Julia Rodrguez and the ENVD Diversee Scholars Executive Board exhibited their work "The Unseen Effects of Climate Change," a research-based installation to spread awareness on environmental injustice. The panel installation was handcrafted at the ENVD Creative Labs Center (CLC). Rodriguez led the month's worth of research covering climate change, it's effects on marginalized communities and how urbanization leaves rural America with the deepest impacts. 

Design work by Quinn JacobsonWork from ENVD first year student Quinn Jacobson was also exhibited. Jacobson's "Gateway Park," redesigned a site located on the CU campus. The vision for the design is to create a space that makes it feel like you're in a more natural, Rocky Mountain forest environment just a few steps off of Broadway.