Published: April 17, 2023

Nate KingdomWhere are you from?   
Denver, Colorado 

What inspired your decision to come to Environmental Design at CU Boulder?  
When I came to college, I knew I wanted to be creative and constructive. At first, I was set on being a sculptor, but then I realized that I wanted to create for people.

Did you know right away that you wanted to major in product design? How/when did you know? 
I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I was back and forth between architecture and product design. But, after taking the 1110 studio, I knew EPOD was right for me. 

What has the program taught you about yourself as you’ve taken on your educational career?
This program has taught me how to present who I am in professional environments and how to defend myself and my work. It has also helped show me my place in the world.  

What would you like to do upon graduating from Environmental Design?
When I graduate from ENVD I hope to leave the United States and start designing for the world. Products that can help everyone and be used all over the world.  

What tips or advice would you give to future design students?
Always keep working hard, have a positive mind set, and keep your eyes open. It's a beautiful program and so much to learn from it.