Published: Nov. 3, 2022

Sarah Fitzpatrick photo collageSarah runs a business repairing clothes and upcycling thrifted clothes for people on campus and even sells them at an artisan market in Boston. She also uses social media to inform people on sustainable gardening practices and ways that you can help the environment daily as an individual.

–Lakin Fain

Sarah FitzpatrickTry new things, let your passions breathe into everything you do and know that you are capable of changing this world for the better.

What year are you and what is your major? 
I am a third year studying product design. 

Where are you from? 
I’m from Louisville, Colorado and Boston, Massachusetts. 

What inspired you to come to ENVD? 
I like to create, and I want to address climate change in any way I possibly can, and ENVD seemed like the option to pursue both passions. 

Describe a typical studio day for you. 
Well, currently I am in a market-based product design studio with climate change as the overall theme, where we have been working in groups–making teamwork the name of the game. So far, my team and I have been ideating a product that will help address Boulder’s compost contamination crisis. During each studio we are sketching, researching and bouncing ideas off each other—every day refining our idea to make as big of an impact as possible while making a product as sustainably as possible! 

What has been one of your favorite memories so far, this academic year/or throughout your time at ENVD?
My favorite memory this year was the initial brainstorming of solutions to climate issues in my EPOD studio. It is so empowering to be in such a collaborative and solution-oriented environment around the topic of climate, when the news and narrative is usually focused on playing a blame game–which has its time and place, but more often than not, the negative tone stuns many of us into fear and climate doomism.  

What’s your go-to activity during the fall and winter months? 
Hiking! Chautauqua is too close to not visit at least once a week :)