Published: Sept. 16, 2021

Support technicians
The DMC has a lot of new faces! Returning DMC Technicians include Leah Lawson and Travis Weis. New this fall, the DMC welcomes the following incoming Assistant Technicians, Lauryn Howell, Ayden Brassell, Eliza Bourne, and Ella Lapello.

Reserving the photo studio
The photo studio (effective immediately) will allow reservations up to 15 minutes in advance. Please note that the photo studio will not always be available if you reserve it at the last minute, so please plan ahead. 

Available tools & resources
The DMC has a few new tools and services this semester, so please scroll down on the DMC & CLC Canvas "start here" page to learn more about the new items the DMC provides.

Submit feedback
The DMC is always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions or comments, please fill out the anonymous suggestion box form to let the center know what you are thinking. Need a specific tool? Want a certain workshop to be taught? Think we should change the layout? Fill out the form.

Hours of operation
The DMC hours will be expanding soon, and the center wants your input! 
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