Published: March 5, 2021

The Digital Media Center and Creative Labs Center continue to assist students with their fabrication needs through the web-based and in-person service model.

Reserve Makerspace

At this time, students do not have direct access to the fabrication labs, however, students can access the makerspace area in CINC 152. To adhere to applicable public health guidelines for in-person activities, students must reserve a makerspace table using the online reservation system

Faculty can reserve Remote Lecture Hub space at both the ENVD and CINC buildings using the Outlook Room Calendar. 

Support & Resources

Students can access tutorials, tips and information about available capabilities for each center on the Creative Labs & Makerspace webpage, as well as the newly launched DMC/CLC Canvas course. Students are encouraged to keep an eye on their email inbox for an invite to the Canvas course. 

Submitting Fabrication Files

At this time, students will need to follow strict adherence to file submission standards. This will ensure a smooth fabrication process. Students should monitor the status of their fabrication request and make necessary corrections noted in the PaperCut job ticket comment section. 

For students taking ENVD courses remotely, out-of-state, and/or not in the Boulder area, fabricated projects can be shipped to their home address. Students will not be charged for the cost of shipping, however, they will be responsible for purchasing materials used. In the case a project needs to be shipped, the student should inform their instructor and refer to the shipping guidelines