Published: Jan. 12, 2021

Bella Manzo“Bella is strong beyond words. She always commits herself to strong work, she supports groups that she works in, manages a nearly full-time job all while being sweet and kind to all she comes in contact with. I appreciate Bella so much.”

–Emily Greenwood, Instructor

Bella ManzoI love the interdisciplinary aspect and the focus on systems and sustainability. No profession exists in a vacuum, and I loved how ENVD emphasizes working collaboratively with other disciplines from the very beginning. 

What is your major and year of study? 
I’m a senior in Landscape Architecture, with a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Where are you from? 
I’m originally from Valparaiso, IN, although I’ve lived in Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado (of course)!

What do you miss the most about being in person on campus and ENVD? 
I’ve really missed seeing friends every day. Working with some of my favorite people and then decompressing with a post-studio coffee or tea hangout was my favorite way to spend time on campus.

What has been one of your favorite memories so far this semester? 
My favorite memories have been using this time to bond with my roommates. We’re stuck together all the time, so we’ve been doing regular PowerPoint nights where we all create a presentation on a topic of our choice and give it in the living room. It always results in some…interesting conversation and lots of fun!

If you could say or share anything to all of your ENVD peers, classmates and friends, what would you say? 
I miss you all!  

What’s your go-to, non-Zoom activity when you get to take a break from your screens? 
I try to take a midday break during workdays and go for a walk with my dog, Zoey. We go to the dog park and I’ll read a little while she hangs out with her fellow canine friends. I don’t have a ton of free time—usually, I’d go trail running or camping—but I try to grab moments when I can!