Published: Aug. 10, 2020

ENVD student contributes to Fort Collins city muralsThe City of Fort Collins contracts a handful of local artists each year to paint murals on electrical boxes as an effort to mitigate graffiti and to add public art around the city. This year, ENVD student Caleb Schmitz was selected for his mural titled "Moments."

"Moments" is a mural dedicated to solitude and the fragility of man against the fortitude and persistence of the natural world. Schmitz's mural is a window into one of those special moments of being alone with nature. His hope is for everyone to be able to relate to the images and be reminded of the value of solitude, contemplation and taking a moment to be utterly aware of the entire universe that exists outside one's self and the daily chatter of one's own life. 

Schmitz began painting his mural in early August.