Published: May 7, 2020

 Constantine ChrisafisSustainable planning and urban design major Constantine Chrisafis, from Seattle, will graduate magna cum laude and plans to intern with a local Seattle municipality in the fall. 

“I think most any ENVD student would agree that Dean is one of their favorite people to see in the halls of ENVD. He’s an exceptional student, but this is only known because of the amazing work he produces because he is so humble. Dean not only inspires me to do better work, but also to enjoy the late nights and to make great memories with great people.”  –Anonymous

 Constantine ChrisafisThanks for all the memories and fun times. Design is inherently a collaborative field, and I am really going to miss collaborating with and spending time with all the intelligent and creative designers in this program.

What inspired you to come to ENVD?
The prospect of understanding urban environments from the granular product design scale to a larger urban planning context is what originally drew me to the program. I have also always had a passion for sustainability and an interest in how climate change will affect our built fabric. These two factors initially attracted me to the Program in Environmental Design.

What will you miss the most?
I will miss studio culture. Spending time working in ENVD is how I met my closest friends. The culture of collaboration and late nights working away on projects is something that I will definitely miss. 

Favorite memory?
In my sophomore year, I led a group of APAS students to New Orleans to attend the American Planning Association's National Conference. The trip was one of my favorite memories. We found this big antebellum house in the Garden District on Airbnb and all stayed there for the weekend. Exploring New Orleans, eating beignets, and attending the conference was a lot of fun and I really bonded with the other planning majors in the program during the trip.

What are your plans beyond graduation? 
I will be in Boulder through at least August and continue to be a research assistant for Danielle Rivera. I will then be moving back home to Seattle and working with a local municipality in the area as an intern while I apply for graduate school in the fall.