Published: May 4, 2020

 Kaitlyn FlickKaitlyn Flick, from Phoenix, Arizona, will graduate this year with High Distinction earning the highest GPA in the environmental product design major. Flick was drawn to the creative spirit that ENVD evokes from its students.  

 Kaitlyn FlickThe ENVD Class of 2020 will design for sustainability, versatility and resiliency, on both human and environmental scales. We will design for human connection, for the greater good of our ecosystem, and for the livelihoods of our children’s children.

Because of this global pandemic, we have now in our pockets the patience and persistence to endure such uncertainties. And as we all have persevered through this last semester of college together, I believe that our generation has what it takes to combat the economic and environmental unrest that exists today. Through love, not fear.

What inspired you to come to ENVD?
I was drawn to the creative spirit that Environmental Design evokes from its students. As I toured the building and came across the various projects on the walls, it was clear that there is no right answer to combat the environmental crisis. Rather, there are innovative, sustainable ideas with strong-willed people devoted to designing and implementing them.

What will you miss most from ENVD?
Out of all of the moments I have shared in ENVD, I will most miss the reoccurring late-night crowd that naturally congregates at the CINC. Though many-a-times painful, those late-night efforts always made for the rawest moments, birthed some of the truest friendships, and allowed for passion and dedication to awaken and grow in a communal setting.

 Kaitlyn FlickFavorite memory?
One of my favorite moments I can recall in Environmental Design was meeting my best friend for the first time late one night in studio, and eventually realizing that we had the same rigor for both our design education, as well as Drake. Another larger-spanning memory would be traveling to the coastal community of Bahía de Caráquez, and constructing beautiful, economically viable, and seismically safe housing and public structures for families in the most vulnerable and low-income areas with limited access to resources due to the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated the area in April of 2016.

What are your plans beyond graduation?
Beyond graduation, I am looking to find full-time employment in the Denver Metropolitan area. I am looking to find work at a design firm that facilitates community engagement and sustainable action in the urban context. After working for a number of years, I hope to later go back to school and obtain a master’s degree in a subject that I truly want to dedicate my life to.