Published: April 29, 2020

ENVD 2020 scholarship and award recipientsThanks to the generosity of our donors and alumni, the Program in Environmental Design is pleased to award more than $50,000 in scholarships and awards to students in the program. 

All ENVD students are eligible to apply. The application period is open from November 1 through February 15, and the scholarships and awards are announced each spring semester. 

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2020 ENVD scholarships and awards! 


Dana Giffin Soper Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Dana Giffin Sper, a former ENVD student. It is awarded to students that demonstrate excellent academic performance, as well as exemplary personality and character. 

Elizabeth Sommer

  • Elizabeth Sommer

D.J. Hynek Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of D.J. Hynek, an ENVD student who graduated from the program in 2000. Hynek found the ENVD program exceptionally meaningful and supportive of his intellectual interests and career ambitions. 

  • Erica Hung

Douglas Darden Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Douglas Darden by his parents. It is awarded to students who are Colorado residents that demonstrate great professional promise and academic merit. 

  • Erika Andrade

Hideo Sasaki Scholarship was established by the University's Board of Regents to honor Hideo Sasaki's exemplary efforts as a teacher and design practitioner to inspire future generations of ENVD students to higher levels of achievement.

Lauren Oertel

  • Lauren Oertel, sustainable planning and urban design

Charles Haertling Scholarship was established in memory of Charles A. Haertling, AIA architect, and celebrates Haertling's commitment to humanistic ideals in both the arts and design, as well as the spirit of community service. 

  • Nick Berg

Marcia Miller Memorial Scholarship 

  • Katie Kumro

Richard L. Crowther Memorial Scholarship was established to support students interested in environmental architecture, sustainable building, solar energy, energy conservation or therapeutic architecture to undertake a related research project or unpaid professional development opportunity. 

Nick Berg

  • Nick Berg, junior in architecture 
  • Logan Shipman

Martin Luther King, Jr. Housing Prize Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is awarded to students who express interest in affordable housing as part of their essays and supporting application materials. 

Sofija Andrew

  • Sofija Andrew

Victor Gonzalez

  • Victor Gonzalez, senior in architecture

Environmental Design Achievement Scholarship was established to honor esteemed students who have made significant contributions to the program or university.

Keaton McCargo

  • Keaton McCargo, architecture

Kerstin Nyquist

  • Kerstin Nyquist

  • Carson Tancig
  • Nettie Skievaski

  • Jennifer Pintar
  • Katelyn Warren

Environmental Design Discipline Specific Achievement Scholarship was established to honor esteemed students who have made significant contributions to the program or university and show great promise for their chosen major. 

  • Angus MacInnis | Architecture
  • Will Currell | Environmental Product Design

  • Jeffrey Barnett | Landscape Architecture
  • Lauren Oertel | Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

Environmental Design Faculty Esteemed Graduate Award is nominated and voted on by each ENVD discipline-specific faculty. This honor is conferred upon graduating seniors who through their design work, character, contributions and efforts, embody the highest ideals celebrated within the ENVD community. 

Dean Behary

  • Dean Behary | Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

Emily Roos

  • Emily Roos | Architecture

Kira Forbes

  • Kira Forbes | Environmental Product Design

Meredith DeLong

  • Meredith DeLong | Architecture

Tucker Treat

  • Tucker Treat | Architecture

Constantine Chrisafis

  • Constantine Chrisafis | Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

  • Sean Cunningham | Architecture
  • Lauren Sharpe | Environmental Product Design

  • Alec Stolz | Landscape Architecture
  • Miles Shapleigh | Landscape Architecture

Architectural Education Fund, AIA Colorado Scholarships

C. Gordon Sweet Scholarship is awarded to a third or fourth year ENVD student who shows promise of contributing to the design/building industry. C. Gordon Sweet was a prominent Colorado architect and two-time president of AIA Colorado. His practice spanned 25 years from 1946 to 1970 in Colorado Springs. 

Angus MacInnis

  • Angus MacInnis, junior in architecture

Colorado North Chapter Scholarship is awarded to an ENVD student in the pursuit of architectural education and their contribution to the program.

Austen Keever

  • Austen Keever

Gary G. Landin AIA Scholarship was established in 1999 undergraduate students demonstrating exemplary academic merit. Gary G. Landin, AIA, was a co-founder of Intergroup Architects and a respected Colorado architect. He practiced in Denver from 1956-1998. This scholarship is presented by Intergroup Architects and his family to honor his memory.Katelyn Warren

  • Katelyn Warren, sophomore in architecture

Oscar R. Sanchez Scholarship 

  • Jocelyn Torrecillas-Miramontes

Colorado Garden Foundation Scholarships

The Colorado Garden Foundation Scholarship is awarded to students in landscape architecture.

Kelsey Hernandez

  • Kelsey Hernandez, junior in landscape architecture
  • Isabella Manzo


ENVD Academic Paper Award is nominated by instructors.

Aubrey Prestwich

  • Aubrey Prestwich, junior in landscape architecture​

ENVD Research Award was established to assist senior-level ENVD honors and capstone projects. 

  • Ana Corral
  • Lauren Sharpe

Lynn M. Lickteig Photography Award 

  • Elizabeth Sommer