Published: April 27, 2020

 Sebastian ElverskogSebastian Elverskog, a Texas native, will graduate this year cum laude with an emphasis on architecture. 

“Sebastian and I went to Colombia with [Assistant Professor] Jota Samper over the summer. He bonded with the community and worked really hard to complete all of our design goals. He would do things and spend the time to do them right. In Colombia, he also worked well with the group and always pushed people to do better. As a student in ENVD, he is dedicated to his projects and works hard to be a great designer. He has great attention to detail and always seeks constructive criticism. I’ve been very impressed with his work ethic and his wizardry in sketch-up. His ability to figure out programs and learn new skills is amazing. His work ethic encouraged me and taught me how to be a better student in ENVD. I saw that I could dive into new programs and problems without needing a professor's help. I’m excited to see what he does in the future.” –Molly Obermeier

 Sebastian ElverskogI just want to thank my classmates for helping cultivate an incredibly collaborative, creative, and competitive environment that allowed me to develop as a designer.

What inspired you to come to ENVD when you were choosing your school?
I think what separates ENVD from many other design schools is its interdisciplinary approach. Allowing students to sample all fields related to environmental design, rather than focus solely on one, creates much more well-rounded students in the end. I also think given our location here on the Front Range and our connection with the outdoors and the natural environment we gain a much better understanding of human impact on natural systems.

What do you think you will miss the most from your time at ENVD?
I will miss the community. The friends I have made, and the relationships I have developed with the faculty and staff in ENVD were incredibly special and helped create the person I am today.

Describe one of your favorite memories.
I don’t think I could possibly single out one single moment in time that was my favorite, but my favorite overall experience in ENVD was the study abroad trip to Colombia. Having a real life client and working almost 24/7 on one common goal with no real distractions was incredibly rewarding. Working abroad has always been a dream of mine and experiencing it with some of my best friends was an experience unlike anything else.

What are your plans beyond graduation?
Beyond graduation, I hope to further my studies in graduate school, and I look forward to finding new and unique opportunities to impact the world through design.