Published: April 16, 2020

Student feature with Marcus VazquezMeet Marcus! 

I am a senior in ENVD studying architecture. I am from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, but mostly grew up in Aurora. My favorite thing about ENVD is the positive and competitive nature. I've learned so much from my professors who have driven my curiosity and exploration into architecture, while my peers have always inspired me to work hard. 

“Marcus continuously goes above and beyond in his involvement, efforts, and ambition in Environmental Design. Not only are his efforts focused on his individual projects, but admirably on collaboration beyond the studio and/or classroom. Marcus is always keeping an ear and eye open for opportunities to help, assist, and connect with other students and faculty. He invests time in design studies- researching and curious about innovative architecture and design practices and brings the conversation around with him throughout Environmental Design. Positivity radiates from his presence in Environmental Design- creating, assisting, helping, advising, guiding, and most importantly making a difference with his selfless and positive attitude that lifts himself as well as many other students and faculty.”

–ENVD student

“I just recently met Marcus this semester (both of us are in our final semester of senior year) and I am nominating him for his pleasant, infectiously motivating attitude. He is the ideal peer to have in your studio!”

–Tristan Govreau
Student feature with Marcus Vazquez