Published: April 13, 2020

ENVD instructor donates homemade masksENVD instructor donates homemade masks

While teaching remotely, Environmental Design Instructor Betsy Johnson and her family are volunteering their time to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scrolling through Facebook, Johnson read a post from Boulder Community Health, noting they were accepting donations of homemade masks.  

“I have been sewing for years and have a lot of random scraps at home,” Johnson said. “That seemed like a great way to get involved from home and keep us busy.”

With two kids now at home, Johnson said they are trying their best to stay positive. Her daughters help cut fabric and make signs for the hospital, and Johnson sews and delivers the masks. She sews her handmade masks using her grandmother’s sewing machine from the 1950s.

The homemade masks are not considered to be medical grade and are for general public use.

“They are great for going to the grocery store or other essential services, and keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth while in public, especially when you can’t wash your hands immediately,” Johnson said.