Published: March 31, 2020

Computer illustrationEnvironmental design and CU OIT have been working to grant students remote access to the CINC and ENVD computer labs. In total, there are 58 computers available. Students and faculty can access the computers remotely using the following instructions. Please read the instructions carefully. Both ENVD and CINC computer labs are pooled under CINC 152/ENVD 211. Users will be assigned a random computer from either of the labs for your session.

Once you have logged into the system, a browser window will allow you to control a lab computer with your mouse, keyboard and screen. It is suggested that students and faculty save their files to Google Drive. Users will be working on a remote PC so you will have to use that computer to save to your Google Drive folder. Please keep in mind that all lab computers will be swiped clean and rebooted at 3 a.m. MST/MDT.  

To end a remote session, users must first log off, sign out, before closing the browser window. This is crucial, and failure to do so will make that lab computer unavailable to others for the remainder of the day.

If students encounter any issues, please let your instructors know.