Published: Nov. 20, 2019

Meet Molly! Molly Obermeier

Year of study: sophomore/junior
I am from Denver, Colorado
Major: I'm trying to decide on a major, it's tough. I want to do them all! 
Favorite thing about environmental design: I can't name a favorite thing about ENVD, I love the crazy awesome people, building things, and when I learn something new at the CINC (Creative Labs Center). I also really like sandwiches.

"Molly has been a peer of mine in studio for two semesters. She is constantly improving herself graphically and helping students AND instructors better themselves digitally as well. She holds morals of biophilic design, and even though our instructors don't ask us to think in this manner, she always delivers work that represents nothing less than biophilia. She is a crucial part of the ENVD community being a peer mentor, TA, working at the Creative Labs Center and always giving a smile or hand to those around her at any time. I have never seen her stressed out." 

–Lauren Oertel, ENVD student 

"Molly is incredibly helpful in studio and makes everyone feel comfortable. She does a good job giving useful advice that is worth listening to, and is able to integrate really well with the needs of instructors and students."

–Caleb S. , ENVD student 

Molly Obermeier