Honors symposium presentation 2018

Honors symposium presentation 2018Every spring, ENVD opens applications for the Honors Thesis Program. Students who are interested in pursuing design and research topics can submit their ideas to be reviewed by the Honors Council. The honors application process is highly competitive, requiring a high GPA, as well as a topic and research question or design problem.

We’d like to congratulate the following 17 students for being accepted into the Honors Thesis Program. Next fall, they will take an advanced research methods class and begin working intensely on their topics. In spring 2019, the students will take an independent study under the guidance of their thesis committee chair, and defend their theses in March.

Specialization: Architecture

Sara Taketatsu
Honors Thesis Topic: Community Centered K-12 School Design

Emily Sherman
Honors Thesis Topic: Off the grid housing design

Kate Sector
Honors Thesis Topic: Finding Design Inspiration in Nature

Erick Gudvangen Sherwood
Honors Thesis Topic: Architecture & Planning for Major International Events

Lauren Hanson
Honors Thesis Topic: Sustainable skyscrapers

Stella Coble
Honors Thesis Topic: Redesigning a National Park Visitor's Center

Specialization: Planning

Abraham Proffitt
Honors Thesis Topic: Exploring the link between urban trail typologies, commuting stress indicators, and regional commuting behavior.

Sara Hutchinson
Honors Thesis Topic: The development and management of conserved/protected land in Eastern Germany and its relationship with citizens and their wellbeing.

Winter Roybal
Honors Thesis Topic: Historic Districts and Art Districts

Rebecca Randolph
Honors Thesis Topic: Comparative Analysis of Environmental Justice and Hurricane Disasters in Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast

Amanda Flock
Honors Thesis Topic: environmental gentrification in urban areas

Specialization: Landscape

Robbie Gershon
Honors Thesis Topic: Design and installation of a vertical green wall system on the CU campus

Adam Bunce
Honors Thesis Topic: Civic Ecology: Green Infrastructure

Sydney Andrews
Honors Thesis Topic: Implementing biophilic design and healing gardens into college campuses to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Specialization: Design Studies

Sarah Kennedy
Honors Thesis Topic: Environmental sustainability and its effect on the theme park industry

Brooke Williams
Honors Thesis Topic: Ideological Segregation: Polarization of American Cities Based by Ideological Beliefs

Cale Wagner
Honors Thesis Topic: Urban Arcology Languages

Published: April 2, 2018