Tiffany Beechy
Associate Professor

Office: Hellems 144

Office Hours: T/TH 1:50 - 3:20 PM in Hellems 158

Tiffany Beechy received her PhD in English from the University of Oregon in 2007 after completing an MFA in poetry at Columbia and an AB in Linguistics and English at Harvard. Her current work is focused on formal experimentation in Anglo-Saxon England, specifically, on the Incarnational aspects of language and other forms of representation. She is especially interested in the anonymous and pseudonymous texts of the wisdom tradition (including forgeries, fake grammars, and riddles, among other things) and the vernacular homilies, whose “mistakes” and misrepresentations can be quite revealing. Her recent articles have put forward a textual-archeological approach to philology, one that uses comparative close reading not to reconstruct original text but instead to create context of a specifically formal nature. Her first book, The Poetics of Old English (Ashgate 2010), argues that a verse/prose divide is a bad fit for the residually oral culture of Anglo-Saxon England, whose writing employs highly “poetic” (partially self-referential) representation in more genres than we would expect. Dr. Beechy lives in Longmont with her husband, James, their baby daughter, and two dogs and two cats.

Areas of Specialty

  • British Literature
  • Medieval Literature
  • Poetics Aesthetics