woman standing beside building holding smartphone

ENGL 3116-002: Topics in Advanced Theory, Computational Literary Analysis (Spring 2019)

We all know that computers don’t have feelings. But how might we leverage technology to think about what it is to be human; to identify the emotional state of a speaker; to anticipate the affective response a text aims to produce in a reader or audience member? What kinds of...

Color stripes on a screen

ENGL 2036-001, 002: Introduction to Digital Media in the Humanities (Spring 2019)

Serves as an introduction to media studies specifically from a humanities perspective. Studies both histories and theories of media from the 20th and 21st centuries. Touches on methodologies for undertaking media studies (including distant ready and media archaeology). Objects of study may include such topics as film, radio, social media...

Illustration of a man with a gun

ENGL 4026-001: Special Topics in Genre, Media and Advanced Writing, Black Romanticism

How black is Romanticism? This question will be the central concern of our course, which will investigate the roots of British and American culture in the routes of trans-Atlantic economic trade of the late eighteenth century. We will contest the implied racial and national purity of British culture by examining...

Close up of comic book lettering

ENGL 3856-100: Topics in Genre Studies, Comics & Graphic Novels

How does the comic book work, both on the page and in the world? In answering this, we'll go back to the comic book's beginnings and work our way book by book all the way up to now, where comic book movies are dominating the box office. Expect to read...

Book pages folded to look like a heart

ENGL 3796-001: Queer Theory

This course surveys theoretical, critical, and historical writings in the context of lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gay literature. Examines relationships among aesthetic, cultural and political agendas, and literary and visual texts of the 20th century. Same as LGBT 3796

Native Americans on horseback chasing buffalo

ENGL 3226-001: Folklore, Buffalo in Folklore

This course explores buffalo in American folklore from its earliest appearances in American travel narratives and colonial records. We will look at how British and French colonists related to the American continent through its inhabitants, buffalo being primary occupants. We will read texts that consider how Native Americans related to...

Stacks of computers and keyboards on shelves

ENGL 2036-001: Introduction to Digital Media in the Humanities

This course will serve as a humanities-based introduction to digital media structures such as the digital archive and reading/writing software that fundamentally affects what we ourselves are able to read/write; theories and methodologies for undertaking digital media scholarship in the humanities; and, finally, digital textualities ranging from text messaging, blogging,...