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ENGL 5269: Publishing Workshop (Fall 2019)

ENGL 5269-001 Noah Eli Gordon Provides practical experience in the editorial, design, and business procedures of desktop publishing. Requisites: Restricted to English (ENGL) and English Lit- Creative Writing (CRWR) graduate students only.

ENGL 2717: American Indian Literature (Fall 2019)

Surveys historical and contemporary North American Native American literature. Examines the continuity and incorporation of traditional stories and values in Native Literature, including novels, short stories and poetry. NOTE: Fall 2019 - This is a HYBRID course, meaning it will be part in-person and part online. Contact engldept@colorado.edu with any...

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ENGL 1230: Environmental Literature (Fall 2019)

Introduces students to the tradition of nature writing dating from Romanticism through realist and experimental contemporary literary texts. Students will study key terms and concepts related to the environment such as anthropocentrism, bioregionalism, eco-cosmopolitanism, environmental justice, deep ecology, and posthumanism. They will apply them to different literary genres toward developing...