Cover of Julie Carr's Book, "Someone Shot My Book"

Someone Shot My Book, Julie Carr

Approaching the practices of reading and writing from a feminist perspective, Julie Carr asks vital ethical questions about the role of poetry—and of art in general—in a violent culture. She addresses issues such as the art of listening, the body and the avant-garde, gun violence, police brutality, reading and protest, and feminist responses to war in essays that are lucid, inventive, and informed by a life lived with poetry.

Cover of Harriet Archer's book, "Unperfect Histories: The Mirror for Magistrates, 1559-1610"

Harriet Archer's "Unperfect Histories: The Mirror for Magistrates, 1559-1610"

Lecturer Harriet Archer's Unperfect Histories: The Mirror for Magistrates, 1559-1610, is being published by Oxford University Press in the USA this December 2017, and came out in the UK in October.

Karen Jacobs

Professor Karen Jacobs, "The New Geomancy"

Professor Karen Jacobs recently published "The New Geomancy" in the fall issue of Minding Nature. In her essay, Professor Jacobs traces the theory and practice of “geomancy”—divination or discovery by means of signs derived from the Earth.

Nan Goodman

Nan Goodman publishes article on Sabbatai Sevi

Nan Goodman, Director of the Program in Jewish Studies and Professor of English, published "Sabbatai Sevi and the Ottoman Jews in Increase Mather’s The Mystery of Israel’s Salvation,” in New Approaches to Puritan Studies, ed. Bryce Traister, Cambridge University Press.

Catherine Labio

Catherine Labio publishes and receives 2017 Max Nänny Prize for best article in Word and Image Studies

Professor Catherine Labio was recently awarded the 2017 Max Nänny Prize for best article in Word and Image Studies for “The Architecture of Comics” (Critical Inquiry 41.2 [2015]: 312–343). The prize is awarded triennially by the International Association of Word and Image Studies.

Cover for Laura Winkiel's book, "Modernism, the Basics"

Modernism: The Basics, Laura Winkiel

Modernism: The Basics provides an accessible overview of the study of modernism in its global dimensions. Examining the key concepts, history and varied forms of the field, it guides the reader through the major approaches, outlining key debates...

Drawing of Jane Austen wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat

The Alt-Right Jane Austen, by Nicole Wright

Professor Nicole Wright recently published "The Alt-Right Jane Austen" in the Chronicle of Higher Education, about the alt-right movement's appropriation of Jane Austen, later cited in articles by Claire Fallon in the Huffington Post and Jennifer Schuessler in the New York Times.

Cover of Mary Klages' book "Literary Theory"

Literary Theory: The Complete Guide, by Mary Klages

Bringing together Mary Klages's bestselling introductory books Literary Theory: A Guide for the Perplexed and Key Terms in Literary Theory into one fully integrated and substantially revised, expanded and updated volume, this is an accessible and authoritative guide for anyone entering the often bewildering world of literary theory for the first time.

Cover of Julie Carr's book, "Objects From a Borrowed Confession"

Objects from a Borrowed Confession, Julie Carr

A one-sided epistolary novella whose speaker writes to an ex-lover’s ex-lover begins this volume, and Carr charges these unanswered, unanswerable letters with inquiries that permeate the book: How do we understand grief, obsession, the very nature of forgiveness? Why confess? Whom does my confession benefit? For whom do I intend it?

Cover for Graham Jones' book. "My Hero"

My Hero, Stephen Graham Jones

What do you do when your dreams come true? When you were twelve, camping out in the back yard, you told your best friend that if he could draw a superhero good enough, you’d give him the perfect words to say. And then it didn’t just happen, there’s even action figures now.