Attack of the 50 Foot Indian book cover

Stephen Graham Jones' New Book Now Available

"Attack of the 50 Foot Indian" by Stephen Graham Jones is now available through Saga Press! About the book: A Tale of Two Moons. Every government of every nation debates what to do when a fifty-foot tall man, dressed in a loincloth and dripping from the sea, appears off the...

Defending Privilege Book Cover

Nicole M. Wright's Book Now Available

Dr. Nicole Mansfield Wright's book, Defending Privilege: Rights, Status, and Legal Peril in the British Novel, is now available for purchase through Johns Hopkins University Press! A critique of attempts by conservative eighteenth- and nineteenth-century authors to appropriate the rhetoric of victimhood and appeals to "rights" to safeguard the status...

Jeffrey DeShell Reading

J. DeShell Publishes New Mystery Novel with University of Alabama Press

Sept. 25, 2019

Jeffrey DeShell, faculty member in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, has had his newest novel released titled Masses & Motets: A Francesca Fruscella Mystery from the University of Alabama Press. A crime novel loosely based on the masses and songs of the 17th century Flemish...

Julie Carr

Carr Wins Kayden Prize for Translation

Khadijah Queen

Queen's Edited Article Appears in the New York Times

Khadijah Queen's co-edited article "Make No Apologies for Yourself" appeared in the New York Times on May 19, 2019. Read here .

Sue Zemka

Zemka Awarded Kayden Research Award

Sue Zemka, Department Chair, has been awarded a Kayden Research Award for her next book, The Embodied Hand: Essays on the Manual Turn in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture .

A Question of Time Anthology

Goodman Essay Published in A Question of Time Anthology

Nan Goodman's essay "At the Time of that Look: The Problems of Simultaneity at the Testimony of Salem" has been published in the A Question of Time anthology by Cambridge University Press, 2018. Order for purchase here .

Real Life: An Installation by Julie Carr

Real Life: An Installation a Contender for Colorado Book Award

Julie Carr's book Real Life: An Installation has been named a finalist for the 2019 Colorado Book Award in Poetry. More here .

Jason Gladstone

Gladstone Essay in American Literary History

Jason Gladstone's essay "Network Unavailable: Informal Populations and Literary Form" was published in American Literary History and can be read here .

Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones Novel Chosen for Inaugural Summer Scares List