ENGL 1340: Mysticism and the Jewish American Tradition (Fall 2019)

Explores the mystical tradition within Judaism from ancient times to the present. With roots in the Hebrew Bible, Jewish mysticism is one of the oldest forms of mysticism and has had an influence on some of the greatest philosophical traditions of western civilization. Equivalent - Duplicate Degree Credit Not Granted:...

Cover of a cartoon called Strange Tales featuring Golem

ENGL 1340-001, 001B: Mysticism and the Jewish American Literary Tradition

In this class about Jewish mysticism and the Jewish-American literary tradition, you will enter a world filled with dybbuks and golems, with stories about Ezekiel’s Chariot and the Shekhinah or the female divinity. You will read stories about the creation of the universe about absence, nothingness, and divine constriction that are rarely read in university classrooms.