Ed Rivers

Ed Rivers is a two-time winner of the Faculty Assembly Teaching Award and has also held the University’s Distinguished Teaching Lectureship. His main areas of interest are comparative literature, translation theory and practice, and pedagogy. He regularly teaches a graduate seminar called Theory and Practice of Literary Translation and has published translations from French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. He is especially interested in the life and work of Vladimir Nabokov, on whom he has published a number of essays and a co-edited book, Nabokov’s Fifth Arc. He is also the author of the award-winning book Proust and the Art of Love. A recent and evolving interest is digital theory and practice. He created and regularly teaches two computer-based courses, Multimedia Composition and Multimedia Sound, listed jointly with the English Department and the university’s creative technology program, known as ATLAS. In keeping with his recent digital interests, he is also a sometime digital composer, digital performer, and digital filmmaker.

Areas of Specialty

  • Composition, Rhetoric, Pedagogy
  • Modern and Contemporary Literature