Masses and Motets Bookcover

Masses & Motets: a Francesca Fruscella Mystery, Jeffrey DeShell

Masses and Motets is a tale composed of four basic interwoven threads, corresponding to the four-part choral writing of Pierre de la Rue’s service music. The first thread comes from the diaries of a recently murdered priest, Father Andrea Vidal, former secretary to the notorious Father Marcial Maciel. The second...

Cover of Gordon's book

Noah Eli Gordon's "Is That the Sound of a Piano Coming from Several Houses Down? (Solid Objects)" included in The New York Times' April 3 "New & Noteworthy" list

Noah Eli Gordon's latest poetry collection, Is That the Sound of a Piano Coming from Several Houses Down? (Solid Objects) was included in The New York Times "New & Noteworthy" list on April 3.

Cover of Julie Carr's Book, "Someone Shot My Book"

Someone Shot My Book, Julie Carr

Approaching the practices of reading and writing from a feminist perspective, Julie Carr asks vital ethical questions about the role of poetry—and of art in general—in a violent culture. She addresses issues such as the art of listening, the body and the avant-garde, gun violence, police brutality, reading and protest, and feminist responses to war in essays that are lucid, inventive, and informed by a life lived with poetry.

Cover of Julie Carr's book, "Objects From a Borrowed Confession"

Objects from a Borrowed Confession, Julie Carr

A one-sided epistolary novella whose speaker writes to an ex-lover’s ex-lover begins this volume, and Carr charges these unanswered, unanswerable letters with inquiries that permeate the book: How do we understand grief, obsession, the very nature of forgiveness? Why confess? Whom does my confession benefit? For whom do I intend it?

Cover for Graham Jones' book. "My Hero"

My Hero, Stephen Graham Jones

What do you do when your dreams come true? When you were twelve, camping out in the back yard, you told your best friend that if he could draw a superhero good enough, you’d give him the perfect words to say. And then it didn’t just happen, there’s even action figures now.

Cover of Stephen Graham Jones' book, "Mapping the Interior"

Mapping the Interior, Stephen Graham Jones

Walking through his own house at night, a twelve-year-old thinks he sees another person stepping through a doorway.