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This course takes a deep dive into the writings of Toni Morrison, the foremost African-American novelist of our time. Winner of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes for Literature, Toni Morrison’s works probe vital questions about race, gender, and power in our contemporary culture. Starting with The Bluest Eye  and going through the Beloved trilogy, we will read Morrison’s novels, as well as her critical writings on race and American literature and culture. Students can expect discussion-based classes, a fairly heavy reading load, two to three critical essays, and a final project of their choosing.

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 9.00 total credit hours.
Requisites: Restricted to students with 27-180 credits (Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors).
Additional Information:Arts Sci Gen Ed: Distribution-Arts Humanities
Departmental Category: American Literature

Taught by Mary Klages.