ShakespeareIntroduction to Shakespeare. Introduces students to 6-10 of Shakespeare's major plays. Comedies, histories, and tragedies will be studied. Some non-dramatic poetry may be included. Viewing of Shakespeare in performance is often required.

Requisites: Restricted to students with 27-180 credits (Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors) only. English (ENGL) and Humanities (HUMN) majors are excluded from taking this class.
Additional Information:Arts Sci Core Curr: Literature and the Arts
Arts Sci Gen Ed: Distribution-Arts Humanities
Departmental Category: General Literature and Language

Tales of love, lust, and betrayal; greed, jealousy, and murder; revenge, mercy, and redemption—welcome to the world of Shakespeare! You’ll discover how Shakespeare’s characters beguile our imaginations, 400+ years after they first appeared on stage. We’ll explore a selection of comedies and tragedies, a history, and a romance, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Measure for Measure, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Hamlet, Richard III, and The Tempest. We’ll also visit Special Collections in Norlin Library to see rare texts, artifacts, and students’ projects from previous classes. By the end of the semester, you’ll design and present your own creative Shakespeare project.

Taught by Teresa Nugent