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What do employers want? If you Google that question, you will find that they want, almost above all else, and in every field, people who can communicate effectively in both speaking and writing. This course teaches how to do it in the real world––the world after graduation. It does so by developing other real-world skills such as teamwork, organizational ability, and critical thinking.

Students practice all kinds of writing––description, narrative, analysis, argument––with an eye toward making it concise, lively, and interesting. In workshop discussions, they react to and make suggestions about each other’s writing, thereby learning how to help without offending. The overall goal is to develop a strong personal style, one that catches attention, holds attention, and persuades.

The skills developed in the course can be applied to any kind of writing, including creative writing, which we will also practice if the class is interested. Where we focus will depend largely on what the class wants to learn, and that will be determined during the first week or so. The teaching is personalized, tailored to the needs, desires, and interests of each student.

Probable requirements (subject to change): regular exercises in writing and speaking, five short projects, and a longer, final project.

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