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Anu Sharma

Principal Investigator • Professor • PhD
Dr. Anu Sharma is professor in the Dept. of Speech Language and Hearing Science, a fellow at the Institute for Cognitive Science and Center for Neuroscience at University of Colorado at Boulder and adjunct professor in the Department of Otolaryngology and Audiology at the University of Colorado at Denver Medical School. Her research is focused on examining brain plasticity in children and adults with hearing loss who receive intervention with...
Hannah Glick

Hannah Glick

Postdoctoral Researcher • AuD, CCC-A • PhD
Hannah is a dually trained audiologist and cognitive neuroscientist. She received her AuD in 2017 and her Combined Triple PhD in Speech, Langauge, & Hearing Science; Behavioral Neuroscience; and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2019. Hannah has experience working across academic, industry, and clinical settings. Her research focuses on the impact of hearing loss on brain function, cognitive function, and overall social-emotional well-being. She is...
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Don Bell-Souder

Lab Manager • Professional Research Assistant • PhD Student
Don is a triple PhD student in Speech, Langauge, & Hearing Science; Behavioral Neuroscience; and Cognitive Science. Don's research interests are in sensory neuroplasticity, language ability, and sentence processing. In particular, he is interested in examining the extent to which hearing impairment can influence the way individuals process language.

Kayla Cormier

PhD Student
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Carly Schimmel

AuD/PhD Student

Fred Baker

AuD Student

Clair Ducatte

AuD Student

Jamie Falcone

AuD Student

Bailey Harmon

AuD Student
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Nina Harris

AuD Student

Emily Lee

AuD Student

Vanessa Olivares

AuD Student

Noor Andejani

Undergraduate Student