Principal Investigator


Anu Sharma

Professor • PhD
Dr. Anu Sharma is professor in the Dept. of Speech Language and Hearing Science, a fellow at the Institute for Cognitive Science and Center for Neuroscience at University of Colorado at Boulder and adjunct professor in the Department of Otolaryngology and Audiology at the University of Colorado at Denver Medical School. Her research is focused on examining brain plasticity in children and adults with hearing loss who receive intervention with...

PhD Students

Old picture of Don

Don Bell-Souder

Lab Manager • Professional Research Assistant
Don is a triple PhD student in Speech, Langauge, & Hearing Science; Behavioral Neuroscience; and Cognitive Science. Don's research interests are in sensory neuroplasticity, language ability, and sentence processing. In particular, he is interested in examining the extent to which hearing impairment can influence the way individuals process language.
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Kayla Cormier

Kayla Cormier, AuD, CCC-A, is currently pursuing her PhD in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder. Kayla received her AuD in May 2020 from Central Michigan University. Kayla’s research interests include the impact of hearing loss and hearing treatments on neuroplasticity. Her ultimate goal is to produce clinically relevant research that furthers the benefits we are able to provide to people with hearing loss. In...
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Carly Schimmel

Carly Schimmel, Au.D., CCC-A is currently a Ph.D. student on the triple Ph.D. track in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science. She is a recent graduate from the Au.D. program at University of Colorado Boulder in May 2022.

AuD Students

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Claire Ducatte

Claire is an AuD student currently interested in electrophysiology testing and working with adults with cochlear implants. She is fascinated in learning about how we hear at the level of the brain.

Lauren Chung

Hi, my name is Lauren Chung. I am a UW-Madison alumn and currently a 2nd AuD student at CU-Boulder. I'm particularly interested in working with pediatrics and how we can implement pediatric P1 testing in clinical settings!

Jasmine Ramirez

AuD Student

Victoria Rivera

My name is Victoria Rivera and I am a first year audiology student at the University of Colorado Boulder. I received my undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of New Mexico in 2020. While my recent interests in audiology has pertained to clinical audiology I am excited to be working in Dr. Sharma's lab and see the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Undergraduate Students