Brain & Behavior Lab

At the CU Brain & Behavior Laboratory, we conduct both clinical (3-8 channel) and high-density (64- and 128-channel) EEG. We use a wide variety of techniques including sensory event related potentials (ERPs), resting-state EEG, and behavioral techques in order to examine cortical neuroplasticity in clinical populations with hearing loss across the age spectrum. 

Brain and Behavior ComputersBrain and Behavior LaboratoryTest Set Up

Our main lab is equipped with two state-of-the-art, 128-channel, high density EEG research EEG systems, a Compumedics Neuroscan Synamps II and an Electrical Geodesics (EGI) system. Testing is carried out as our participants sit comfortably in a double-walled sound suite equipped with a large flat pannel monitor, high grade speakers, supra aural headphones, insert earphones, and bone oscillator. Because we work routinely with both young children and adults we have plenty of games, books, toys, and movies to keep participants happily entertained during testing.