Hannah Glick
Postdoctoral Researcher • AuD, CCC-A • PhD

Hannah is a dually trained audiologist and cognitive neuroscientist. She received her AuD in 2017 and her Combined Triple PhD in Speech, Langauge, & Hearing Science; Behavioral Neuroscience; and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2019. Hannah has experience working across academic, industry, and clinical settings. Her research focuses on the impact of hearing loss on brain function, cognitive function, and overall social-emotional well-being. She is also interested in the use of innovative service delivery models in audiology care provision (i.e. telehealth). Through her research, Hannah aims  to revolutionize the way clinicians provide therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation to people with hearing loss, from birth through elderhood. Outside of the classroom, Hannah loves helping students and early-career scientists unlock their purpose and unleash their passion. When not teaching or experimenting in the lab, you can find her outside in the Colorado sunshine hiking and biking with her husband.