• Valerie Otero (PI)
  • Laurie Langdon
  • Shelly Belleau
  • Emily Quinty
  • Jeff Writer
  • Michael Matassa
  • Jennifer Keil
  • Julie Andrew


Teacher Research Teams are small groups of veteran, novice, and prospective teachers who conduct systematic research on problems of practice they identify. The program addresses diverse needs of stakeholders: (a) prepares future teachers for their first year of teaching, (b) recruits, inducts, and retains novice teachers, (c) develops master teacher-leaders, who have agency for educational change and voice in the national dialog, and (d) builds practical, up-to-date perspectives and practices among teacher educators. These goals are met by engagement in systematic, publishable, educational research. Each team gives presentations on their research, submits manuscripts for publication, and provides workshops for teachers nationwide.