Esmeralda teaching

Meet Esmeralda Castillo-Cobian, a passionate advocate and student of students

April 30, 2019

When Maya Angelou wrote the poem “Still I Rise,” she was speaking from her experience and validating the experiences of those who came before and after her. Her voice and sentiments are alive and well in Esmeralda Castillo-Cobian’s classroom. ith Angelou’s words still resonating in her ears, Castillo-Cobian is set to graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a BA in ethnic studies and her secondary teacher licensure in English education from the School of Education.

Valeria Praga-Rodríguez

Meet Valeria Praga-Rodríguez, an inspiration to teachers, students and her family

April 29, 2019

It can be hard to see the distinctions between the many lives that Valeria Praga-Rodríguez lives as an educator, mother, advocate and learner. She is also setting a positive example for daughters, students and the countless educators she works with at Denver Public Schools.

Estelle Silk at the Build a Better Book showcase

Envisioning an inclusive future

April 24, 2019

Build a Better Book intern Estelle Silk, a sophomore and student ambassador for the CU Boulder School of Education, learned about the importance of inclusivity in teaching and the importance of learning to teach in new ways through the program. “I thought it was really cool because I’d never considered 3D picture books before," Silk said. "It's different from normal braille so it gets kids interested. Adults who go blind also find it really interactive.”

Gracie Filler and her Reading Buddies buddy

Buddies For Life: Building More Than Books

Feb. 5, 2019

Education sophomore Gracie Filler interns for Reading Buddies, a program at the Boulder Public Library that pairs CU Boulder undergraduate students with kindergarten through third graders to increase children’s interest in books, reading and writing. “You bond with [the kids], and you make a book with them that you present at the end of the semester,” Filler said.


Meet Mónica González Ybarra, 2018 Outstanding Doctoral Graduate

May 8, 2018

To her dismay, Mónica González Ybarra faced resistance and questioning about her readiness for college when she was a high school student. Now, González Ybarra incorporates her experiences and Latinx youth voices into her community work and research.

Brenda Ortiz Torres

Meet Brenda Ortiz Torres, 2018 Outstanding Elementary Education Graduate

May 5, 2018

Brenda Ortiz Torres has always wanted to change the world, and in finding her path to becoming a teacher, she believes she and her students can truly "be the change." Working with students is the reasons she is so hopeful for the future.

Tyler and parents

Meet Tyler LeCroy, 2018 Outstanding CU Teach Graduate

May 3, 2018

Known for his thoughtful insights and engaging lessons, Tyler LeCroy found his love for math and science when he started community college and then transferred to CU Boulder, soon driving a passion for education.

Alita Smith

Meet Alita Smith, 2018 Outstanding Secondary Humanities Graduate

May 3, 2018

With steady dedication to her studies and to her 6-year-old son, Alita Smith shows strength in every endeavor of hers. After two decades in the hospitality industry, Smith took the leap to pursue her lifelong dream of being an educator.