Ellen Teags

Meet Ellen Teags, returning to her "first love," teaching

April 29, 2022

Ellen Teags is a committed educator whose innovation around practices such as mindfulness and metacognition are leading the field. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Oregon State University, Teags various roles at small businesses — from shipping logistics to data analysis to marketing and technical writing —...

Deidre Bergquist

Meet Deidre Bergquist, a literacy leader giving students space to be themselves

April 29, 2022

Just like many educators, Deidre Bergquist navigated the challenges of transitioning to remote learning with her students in 2020, her first year teaching first-grade after earning her bachelor of arts in psychology with a teaching license in elementary education from CU Boulder. Even with all the new hurdles that came...

Douglas Watkins

Meet Douglas Watkins, a Denver schools leader dedicated to research, STEM education

April 29, 2022

Douglas Watkins already had a busy and fulfilling career and family life, when he enrolled in the master’s program in the CU Boulder School of Education to deepen his grounding in learning sciences. With a newly minted master's degree, Watkins hopes to inspire his young son. Watkins is the secondary...

Angélica Gutierrez,

Meet Angélica Gutierrez, an educator in the fight for equitable education

April 29, 2022

Early on, Angélica Gutierrez, learned to fight for equitable education and defend the high school and school district that afforded her valuable lessons. “I grew up going to Adams 14 schools, and despite all of the narratives out there about the district, I learned a lot of valuable lessons and...

Michelle Lopez

Meet Michelle Lopez, a bilingual educator dreaming of new possibilities for her school and community

May 6, 2021

Michelle Lopez’s Colorado roots run deep, and her family histories and culture have helped shape her work as a bilingual teacher. The lucha (or struggle) toward truth can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting, but it can light the path toward unity and harmony. Completing this program represents a fight for...

Lauren and friends

Meet Lauren Gaona, teacher and lifelong learner

May 5, 2021

Lauren Gaona’s students are often her best teachers. After teaching in Thailand, her Thai students taught her the true essence of being a teacher is about building trusting relationships and creating a space for everybody to bring their whole, authentic selves into the classroom. As a teacher, it’s ok to...

Corey with family

Meet Corey Ferraro, extraordinary educator in extraordinary circumstances and beyond

May 5, 2021

Corey Ferraro had his sights set on two things: becoming a teacher and attending the University of Colorado Boulder. The Master’s Plus Teacher Licensure program in the School of Education allowed him to check both of those boxes in just one year. Becoming a teacher is a life change I...


Meet Lianna Nixon, whose lens on climate communications is changing education and activism

May 5, 2021

Lianna Nixon is an environmental photographer and activist, but on Earth Day 2020, she was not thinking about marches or demonstrations. That was the day she found out if her spot on the world’s largest polar research expedition was still on despite the spread of a global pandemic. Photography and...


Meet Jax Gonzalez, striving for liberation in education, sociology and everything they do

May 5, 2021

Jax Gonzalez’s impressive academic accomplishments and educational pursuits would astound even their former self. I strive for liberation in everything that I do, and teaching is an opportunity to dream about building a world we all want to live in." “As a first-generation college student, to complete a graduate degree...

Katherine Lindauer

Meet Katharine Lindauer, student-athlete advisor and advocate

May 5, 2021

As an academic coordinator for student-athletes, Katharine Lindauer is used to supporting varsity student-athletes as they pursue success on the playing surface and in the classroom, but in the Master’s in Higher Education program, Lindauer is the student, learner, and supporter for classmates. I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to...