Daniela Harton

Daniela Harton, a future teacher with justice and equity at heart

May 11, 2020

With a heart for social justice, Daniela Harton kept coming back to a career in education. As an undergraduate majoring in Human Services and Social Justice, she found herself working for after-school programs and then the Colorado Education Association. Soon, she began to see herself as a teacher.

Casey Knosby

Meet Casey Knosby, a higher education professional helping students find their way

May 11, 2020

As an undergraduate student, Casey Knosby loved learning and dreaming about many different professional paths. After considering careers in dentistry, business, teaching, and sustainability she finally found her niche in higher education and is helping students.

Meredith Nass

Meet Meredith Nass, a conscientious community organizer seeking social change

May 11, 2020

Growing up in Durango, in the rural southwest corner of Colorado, Meredith Nass has sought a worldly perspective to bring to her work as a community organizer and coalition builder.

Jami Riley

Meet Jami Riley, working to ensure research-based teaching practices go the distance

May 11, 2020

Jami Riley taught high school math for four years before enrolling full time in the CU Boulder School of Education's Secondary Mathematics Master's program with her sights set on developing the tools and knowledge to further refine her teaching practice with research-based evidence. Riley has proven to be an incredible...

Will Ostendorf

Meet Will Ostendorf, a techie teacher who was inspired by a long line of educators

May 11, 2020

A long line of educators inspired Will Ostendorf's winding path to becoming a teacher. His parents are both teachers — his mother taught middle school and his father entered the profession after retiring from an information technology company and volunteering five days a week in a middle school. As an...

Andres Martin

Meet Andrés Martínez, an activist educator who leads in his school and graduate courses

May 11, 2020

Andrés Martínez, 23-year veteran social studies teacher, has studied the important role CU Boulder played in the Chicano Movement in Colorado and the opportunity to have a CU Boulder graduate education has been a welcome chapter in his story.

Allison Murphy

Meet Allison Murphy, a future teacher who digs archeology, social studies, art and culture

May 8, 2020

When Allison Murphy was young, she used to pretend her backyard in Colorado Springs was an archeological excavation site and that one day she would make a huge new discovery. Murphy is the 2020 School of Education secondary humanities outstanding graduate.

Anne Fisher

Meet Anne Fisher, teaching for equity under all circumstances

May 8, 2020

Anne Fisher started making concrete plans to become a history and education Buff when she was just a freshman in high school. Now, she is graduating as the 2020 School of Education outstanding graduate in elementary education.

Ally Collard hiking

Meet Ally Collard, a passion advocate for students and scientific exploration

May 8, 2020

From a young age, Alexandra Collard knew she wanted to teach. She loved learning and found math and science fascinating in the ways that they explain how the world works. Collard is the 2020 School of Education and CU Teach outstanding graduate in STEM education.

Paula Abitia and student

Paying it forward in Higher Ed: First cohort of Master’s in Higher Education students graduates this spring

May 7, 2019

Paula Abitia had always wanted to attend her “dream school,” CU Boulder, yet as a first-generation student of color, the reality of her dream included the struggle for a sense of belonging. She credits higher education professionals with helping her get through challenging times, and now she is paying it forward as a higher education professional and MA graduate.