• Bill Penuel (PI)
  • Katie Van Horne


The Inquiry Hub, iHub, project brings together a partnership of educational researchers, computer scientists, school district leaders, curriculum developers, interactive resource providers, and multiple publishers of STEM curricula to undertake a systemic approach to learner-centered teaching that promotes adaptability and responsiveness to the differing needs of diverse learners. The partnership integrates several prominent technology and curriculum innovations, which are being deployed in iterative cycles of user-driven, design-based implementation research.

The iHub current work is an effort to design a new digital curriculum in biology that will be up for district-wide adoption in the coming years. We do this by: (1) engaging teachers, learning sciences researchers, and expert curriculum developers as co-participants in design; (2) structuring co-design activities to help teachers learn about NGSS as they design; and (3) studying implementation to inform revisions to the curriculum materials. 


  • Denver Public Schools

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