The Development Advisory Board Members serve as the champions and partners for the ideas and mission of the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. They assist the school in fulfilling its goals through advocacy, outreach, events, fundraising, and review of current educational issues. 

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a member, please contact our Program Manager Margaret Bryant.

Board Members

  • Michelle Carpenter
  • Bob Charles, founding chair
  • Marty Coffin Evans 
  • Jackie Colt
  • Yvonne DiStefano
  • Kathy Esamilla
  • Irene Griego
  • Suzanne Hoover

  • Kaye Howe
  • Alphonse Keasley
  • Linda Kelley
  • Steve Ollanik
  • Nick Passanante
  • Barb Quinlan
  • Ann Scott
  • Cindy Stevenson, chair

Faculty and Student Representatives

  • Vivian Naranjo, Undergraduate Student 
  • Beatriz Salazar, Graduate Student 
  • Susan Jurow, Faculty Member

Mission Focused

  • Be informed about the School’s mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Support the mission, philosophy, and goals of the SOE


  • Members will serve on one or two Task Forces that develop and implement a plan to address each of the primary Board initiatives (Membership, Fundraising, and Informed Advocacy & Outreach). The Chairs of these Task Forces, along with the Board Chair, form an Executive Committee.  
  • The Board initiatives and corresponding Task Forces will be reviewed annually by the Dean and Board members.


  • Serve a renewable three-year term of service with annual review of involvement
  • Devote adequate time, share professional expertise, advise, and offer perspectives on issues of importance to the School
  • Implement the Board initiatives as outlined by Task Force action plans
  • Attend Board meetings, Task Force meetings, and SOE functions as often as possible
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests from SOE for input on projects, completion of assignments, feedback, and information


  • Understand and support the School’s development efforts
  • Grow the School’s development resources and opportunities by supporting and advocating for the Dean’s strategic vision for the School
  • Participate in membership giving to the SOE through annual contributions and periodic campaigns to the greatest extent possible
  • Invite appropriate individuals, corporations, or organizations into a close relationship with the School by working with Development Staff in identifying and introducing new potential supporters

Engagement & Advocacy

  • Interact with faculty, staff, students, and programs in the SOE in order to be an informed advocate
  • Serve as a strong advocate to promote the SOE to friends, community members, colleagues, parents, alumni, and potential donors
  • Serve as a positive role model through interaction with SOE students
  • Be willing and accessible to share personal and professional area of expertise with the Board and staff
  • Participate in Boulder Campus and CU System activities including Alumni Association, CU Advocates, and Heritage Society
  • Advocate, assist, and advise on opportunities for collaboration with industry, cross-campus units, school districts, and other University associations
  • Host, suggest, and organize engagement events involving key constituents

Integrity & Ethics

  • Safeguard proprietary information and comply with rules and regulations of the University
  • Adhere to standards of ethical conduct and act in best interests of the organization
  • Refrain from any activity that presents a potential conflict of interest
  • Show positive regard and respect for the organization and other Board members
  • Speak with one voice as a representative of the School

Building Capacity

  • Suggest possible Board nominees who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the School
  • Use every opportunity to heighten the profile of the School in the community

School of Education Responsibilities

  • Send appropriate and timely materials clearly outlining Board responsibilities, meetings, and agendas
  • Provide training and information for advocating support for the School
  • Communicate regularly on news and events of the School
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests from Board members