Edd Taylor
Associate Teaching Professor
STEM Education

Miramontes Baca Education Building, Room 181A
University of Colorado Boulder
249 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Edd V. Taylor is an Associate Teaching Professor of Mathematics Education. His research examines relationships between youths’ everyday cultural practices and mathematical thinking and the role of such knowledge in addressing issues of equity in mathematics learning and achievement. He also investigates what might be learned from this research related to mathematical cognition more generally.

Dr. Taylor’s primary focus in addressing these issues has been through understanding how children and adolescents come to develop mathematical ideas, and the links between their ways of understanding mathematics that are both complementary and sometimes in conflict with standard classroom practices in math. Dr. Taylor seeks to understand how knowledge of everyday cultural practices might be used to address equitable mathematical learning in classrooms. His research related to learning in corner stores, classrooms, churches, and within professional development settings, can be found in publication such as The Journal of the Learning Sciences (JLS), The Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education (JMTE), the Journal of Research in Mathematics Education (JRME), and Mind, Culture and Activity.

Dr. Taylor has served on committees and boards for the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators (AMTE), and the Jean Piaget Society.


PhD Cognition and Development in Education, University of California, Berkeley 2005
MA Cognition and Development in Education, University of California, Berkeley 1998
BA Psychology, University of California, Berkeley 1992