Published: March 10, 2023
Wendy glenn award

University of Colorado President Todd Saliman recently welcomed the two newest members of the President’s Teaching Scholars Program, including CU Boulder Education Professor Wendy Glenn.

The President’s Teaching Scholars Program recognizes faculty from across CU's four campuses who skillfully integrate teaching and research at an exceptional level. Glenn, who is a professor of literacy studies and chair of the Secondary Humanities Teacher Licensure program at CU Boulder School of Education, and Marcelo Perraillo of the Colorado School of Public Health, were recognized for excellence in and commitment to learning and teaching, as well as active, substantial contributions to scholarly work.

Glenn joins members of an active society of scholars and teachers who collaborate with and learn from faculty colleagues and faculty peers in departments, schools and colleges across the four campuses.

Highly regarded by her peers and students alike, Glenn's research centers on literature for young adults and how story can be used to both foster connection and invite disruption in students, teachers and the learning environments they share. Her teaching is guided by the assumption that inviting classroom spaces and genuine student learning are predicated on the creation of a community in which each member feels valued, supported and capable. When students and teachers work together to build trusting relationships growing from knowledge of and respect for individual needs and interests, opportunities for authentic learning, growth and humanistic connection are fostered.