Published: April 8, 2022
Ed Talks Valerie Otero

On Thursday, April 14, the School of Education at CU Boulder will host a special virtual gathering of Ed Talks, an exploration of political courage during this time when so many aspects of public education are under fire. 

Inspired by TED Talks, CU Boulder’s Ed Talks are short, engaging talks that address some of today’s most pressing issues in education and beyond. The spring 2022 theme will focus on acting from a place of political courage and change in these times when public education and even one’s own identity, humanity, and dignity are threatened. 

The talks will explore book censorship, gender and sexual diversity in schools, institutional violence, and the personal and powerful battles for inclusive higher education and STEM opportunities that have persisted over time.  

This illuminating series features five experienced educators and CU Boulder scholars in education: Wendy Glenn, A. Susan Jurow, Johanna Maes, Liz Meyer, and Valerie Otero.

The event invites change-makers, educators and anyone who is interested in learning more about taking a principled stand for your beliefs and evoking the political courage needed to work toward more just and ethical futures.

CU Boulder’s Ed Talks will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, and the virtual talks will be followed by an interactive Q&A with the speakers. Registration is required. 

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