Published: Sept. 8, 2020

With many higher education faculty taking part in racial justice teach-ins this week, faculty and alumni from the CU Boulder School of Education are sharing a video message aimed at encouraging the nation’s scholars to explore and interrogate research and pedagogy in support of understanding anti-Blackness and its impact on scholarship. 

In solidarity of public movements led by professional sports leagues, two professors launched the #ScholarsStrike movement nationwide to challenge higher education faculty, staff and students to take a stand against violence toward Black communities and engage in teach-ins for racial justice on Sept. 8-9.

The video, “Dear Professor from Learning Scientists on Anti-Blackness,” was collectively produced by learning sciences scholars aiming to share knowledge and offer strategies for strengthening teaching with theories, research, and concrete actions to disrupt anti-Blackness. 

The message was written and created by CU Boulder faculty and alumni, including Arturo Cortez, José Lizárraga, A. Susan Jurow, Ben Kirshner, Elizabeth Mendoza, Christina Paguyo, Bill Penuel, Molly Shea, Kathy Schultz, Kristina Stamatis, and Kelsey Tayne. 

Watch the video